Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Our pricing for a custom lipstick is $45 for each creation. We do offer a duplicate discount 2 for $60 of that same shade, texture and fragrance. For example, a nude and a red will be $45 apiece, since they are separate creations. For the best possible experience, we recommend that you have a vision in mind for your lipstick- whether it is a category, color reference, or everyday or going out. This will help us make the best use of time.

For groups larger than 4, please give us a call at 646.484.6111 to schedule an appointment. We do require a credit card to hold your reservation. If you need to cancel your appointment, we do give you a 24 hour grace period to cancel. If you don’t cancel within the allotted time or do not show up to your appointment, we will charge a $75 cancellation fee.

We do offer Private Events which are held only after store hours Monday through Friday evenings at 7pm. Please call or email us at for more information.

If you are having trouble finding a time slot for an appointment, please bear in mind we do try to keep space for walk- ins on a first- come, first- served basis. If you arrive and there is no availability, we will place you on a walk- in waiting list. You must be in person in order to sign in to the list.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 646.484.6111

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